Art Studies Magazine

2014 4

2014 4

Theme of the Issue:
This issue is the last in the anniversary year of the State Institute for Art Studies (founded in 1944). Most of its materials (in the sections Epoch. Artist. Image and From the History of Artistic Life) revealed the subjects related to Russian art and the countrys artistic life these were focal points in the work the Institutes scholars and its founder, I.E. Grabar, at the time of the establishment of the Institute. The publication also pays tribute to the architect and artist K.K.Lopyalo, who worked at the Institute for 20 years (19501970, in connection with his 100th anniversary and presents to the reader a description of his creative career (section From Family Archives). The issue ends with the traditional sections Reviews and Miscellaneous, the latter covering the annual photo exhibition Unknown Province shown at the Institute and organized by the Register of Art Monuments Department.



Elizaveta Anisimova. Alignment of Visual, Semiotic and Temporal Fractals in Analytical Art by Pavel Filonov

Anna Yakubova. I.I. Suvorovs Early Sculptures

Irina Obukhova-Selinskaya. A Nasty Story by Fyodor Dostoyevsky in Yuri Annenkovs Theater Pro- ductions and Illustrations

Lyubov Pchelkina. Solomon Nikritin Artist and Scholar

Alexei Druzhinin. Artist Nikolai Kotovs Theoretical and Practical Approaches to Spatial Panoramic Painting

Irina Perfilieva. Constructive and Plastic Authorship Jewelry in the 1970s 1980s in Russi


Raisa Kirsanova. Princess Tyufyakinas Dress

Margaret Shamu. Serving Art...The Artist and the Model in Russian 19th-entury Artistic Culture

Ekaterina Voronina. From the History of Moscow Artistic Life. The New Society of Painters

Anastasia Dokuchayeva. Soviet Artistic Culture of the 1920s 1930s and Russian-French Ties


Elena Agratina. The 100th Anniversary of Karl Karlovich Lopyalo

Tatiana Plastova. The Beautiful Soul of Russian Art Has Appeared Before Me... A.A. Plastov and V.I. Kostin: Dialogue between Artist and Critic

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