Art Studies Magazine

2014 ¹2

2014 ¹2

Theme of the Issue:
This issue proceeds with the theme begun in the first issue – “Worldview of the Epoch and Plastic Art Images” and offers the reader a broad panorama of scholarly interpretations of Russian and international art materials in its sections “From the History of Architecture and Monumental Art” and “Epoch. Artist. Image”. The core principle running through all the articles of this issue is that a study of a monument or of a creative career of a particular artist should not focus solely on “one’s own being”, but, rather, on its involvement in a process viewed as a multitude of interdependent factors (historical, social and worldview). The issue ends with the sections “In Memory of Dmitry Sarabyanov” and “Reviews”.



Irina Kuvshinskaya. History of the Holy Cross: Frescoes by Piero della Francesca at the Church of Saint Francis in Arezzo

Olga Makho. The Sovereign and the Liberal Arts. Joos van Wassenhove’s Decoration of the Studiolo in Gubbio

Maria Demidova. An Unexpected Form of Political Satire in 16th Century French Painting

Maria Nikitina. “Character Heads” of Franz Xaver Messerschmidt in the Context of the Debate on Physiognomy and the 18th Century Art. Synthesis and Seriation as the Features of a Creative Method

Mikhail Evsevyev. Silvestr Shchedrin. 1818. Italy Begins in Veneto. New Documents on Russian Academic Pensioners of the Early 19th Century

Tatiana Yudenkova. The Tretyakov Brothers’ “Russian Concept” of Developing the Gallery. On the Question of a Collector’s Paradigm

Valeria Mordashova. F.A. Malyavin’s Painting “The Whirlwind”. Seeking National Distinctness and Graphic Expression

Elena Tarakanova. The Mannequin Motif in 20th-Century Italian Painting

Olga Turchina. Approach of Italian Masters of Abstract Art to Plane and Space in the Second Half of the 20th Century

Elena Petrushanskaya. The First Lady of Italy

Boris Bernshtein. Boris Zaborov and Pierre Menard


Natalia Avtonomova. Dmitry Sarabyanov – Scholar and Teacher

Elena Murina. Remembering Alma Mater...