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2013 2

2013 2

Theme of the Issue:
As in the first issue of the year, a monument, be it an architectural object, a work of visual art, a graphic image, a sculpture or an applied art article, remains the main character of all the sections of the second issue. The common theme of the two issues, Preserving and Studying the National Heritage is discussed here on the example of works from private collections, which are being introduced into scientific practice almost for the first time. From Family Archines is the main section of this issue. Another section, Memoirs, is closely linked to the previous one and is devoted to a literary materialization of reminiscences of outstanding Russian scholars about the Art Studies Department of Moscow University in 1940-1960. The sections Reviews, which presents a whole range of books on art history, and Miscellaneous, where the reader will find information on academic conferences and exhibitions, reflect the pulse of our time in the science of art history.



Lyubov Savinskaya. The Collection of Paintings of the Yusupov Princely Family as Phenomenon of Russias Culture of the Late XVIII Early XX c.

Lucia Tonini. Lorenzo Ghibertis Gates of Paradise replica in Russia

Alla Aronova. Polish Parapet and its Reflection in Russian Architecture of the Late

Natalia Sipovskaya. Porcelain in Russian Culture of Pauls Rein

Lubov Koltsova. 1812 War in Graphic Works by Contemporary Artists

Mikhail Yudin. Russian Style in P.A.Ovchinnikovs Jewelry Firms Products Presented at the Arts and Industries Fairs of the 1860s80s

Alexander Samokhin. Daily Life Images in the Late Peredvizhnikis Realism

Svetlana Domogatskaya. The Birth of Moscows Sculptural Style. Sculptor Sergey Ivanovich Ivanov

Elena Yukhimenko. Ivan Gavrilovich Blinov Peasant, Artist, Book Copyist

Natalia Adaskina. 1914, Spring. Russian Avant-garde Artists in Paris

Boris Bernstein. Notes about topography of Severe Style: Moscow and Tallinn


Pavel Pavlinov. Eugene Lanceray expedition in Svaneti in 1929

Tatiana Plastova. Antiquity and Mythology in A.A. Plastovs Works. Neo-Classicism in the XX century Russian Art

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