Art Studies Magazine

2013 ¹1

2013 ¹1

Òheme of the Issue:
The common theme of the two first issues of the year, “Preserving and Studying the National Heritage”, is represented in this issue in two main sections: “Monuments of Russian Art” and “Epoch. Artist. Image”. The authors of most of the articles regard a monument as an “absolute value” in art studies, focusing on its historical and artistic biography, current existence and scientific assessment. The issue covers many discoveries, as well as concepts and a whole range of creative works introduced by researchers to scientific practice. The geography of newly found works of Russian artistic culture is vast: from Greece to the expanses of Kaluga and Yaroslavl regions and to museum vaults.



Andrey Batalov. Church Building by Vow at the Moscow and Pskov Kremlin Moats (Medieval city’s sacral topography)

Valery Igoshev. Precious Church Utensils, Icons, and Personal Sacral Items, Produced in XVI–XVII cent. Russia, Found in Greece

Alexander Preobrazhensky. À New-Found Sample of the Early XVI c. Middle Russia’s Icon Painting: St. Nickolas’ Image with Life Border Scenes from the Mamontov Family Collection

Sergei Popadyuk. The XVII c. Style of Architecture Still Found in the XVIII c.

Georgiy Smirnov. Unknown Project by Pietro-Antonio Trezzini. On the Typology of Central-Oriented Churches in Russian and European Baroque Architecture

Ekaterina Shorban. Kaluga Region’s Church Architecture in the First Third of the XIX c. and the 1812 War

Yuya Sudzuki. “Soviet Palaces”. Architectural Competitions for Building Major Public Buildings of the 1910s-1920s Preceding the Competition for the “Palace of Soviets” Project

Alexander Sukhachov. The 1930s Reconstruction of the Archangelskoye Mansion’s Wings in the Course of its Court-d’Honeur Ensemble Development