2019 3


Visual culture

Natalia Mazur. Art Studies, Visual Research, Cultural History: Opportunities for Dialogue Round Table at the European University at St. Petersburg



Carlo Ginzburg. Approaching Piero della Francesca, Obliquely. Translated by Anna Zavyalova

Olga Nazarova. The Unsolved Enigma of Piero della Francesca. About the Book by Carlo Ginzburg


Russian medieval art

Maria Orlova. Fragments of Ornamental Compositions in Paintings of the Cathedral of the Nativity in Suzdal (12301233)

Lev Lifshits. The Iconographic Program of Stone-carved Decor in the Cathedral of St. George in Yuriev-Polskoy


Larisa Nikiforova, Ekaterina Blokhina.The Portrait with Black Page in 18th-Century Russian Art: Cultural Transfer of Signs


Maria Chernysheva. National Past and Present in Russian Painting at the 1867 Worlds Fair

Ilia Doronchenkov. West by Northwest. The Scandinavian Exhibition of Sergei Diaghilev (1897): Reception and Context

Margarita Tupitsyn. The Subject of Nonobjective Art. On the 100th Anniversary of the Exhibition Nonobjective Creation and Suprematism

Russian pari

Ekaterina Usova. Russian Students in the Studio of Fernand Cormon in the 1890s and 1900s


Olga Averyanova. Photography as Material for Art. Avant-Garde Experiences

Book rewiews

Engelina Smirnova. Bulletin of the Russian Medieval Art Department, 2019, No1 / A.L. Batalov, executive ed. Moscow: State Institute of Art Studies; Interregional Art-Restoration Directorate, 2019

Sergei Androsov. Konstantin Malinovsky. Bartolomeo and Francesco Rastrelli. St. Petersburg: Levsha, 2017

Natalia Sipovskaya. Architectural Albums of Chantilly and Gatchina: a French Gift to the Russian Emperor / S.A. Astakhovskaya, M. Deldicque, T.A. Dudina, eds. Moscow: Kuchkovo pole, 2016