2015 2

Theme of the Issue:
The second issue contains articles on research in the sphere of plastic arts and their interrelation with other types of creativity. A number of articles describe the original theoretical and methodological principles of analyzing artwork of entire periods, as well as of particular artists. This is especially evident in articles included in the sections The Art of Avant-Garde. Words and Symbols, Epoch. Artist. Image and Image and Word. The sections Publications and From the History of Artistic Life for the first time introduce into scientific practice an array of art history events and facts and creative biographies.



Pavel Aleshin. The Dukes of Ferrara as Patrons of the Arts. Alfonso I dEste, Duke of Ferrara

Tatiana Shovskaya. Seven Engravings for the Premiere of the Opera Costanza e Fortezza in Prague (1723). A Study of the Iconographic Source

Alexander Sechin. Iconic Rhetoric in Alexander Ivanovs Painting Joseph Interpreting the Dreams of the Cupbearer and the Baker Imprisoned with Him

Elena Bekhtieva. Romanic Landscape in the Oeuvre of Karl Brullov

Ekaterina Gavrilova. Italian Sculptures from the Collection of the Museum Estate Ostankino in Moscow

Alexander Samokhin. Landscape as History Painting. A.M. Vasnetsovs Medieval Moscow and K.F. Bogayevskys Kimmeria

Olga Davydova. Alexander Golovins Poetics Images

Valeria Mordashova. The First Years of Philipp Malyavins Emigration

Elena Romanova. Lifes Current of Yuri Annenkov.Yuri Annenkovs Book Illustrations from the Collection of Rene Guerra


Irina Sakhno. Narrative Metaphors in the Iconography of French Rococo Book Prints

Larissa Tananaeva. The Antique World of the Polish Artist Stanisław Wyspiański

Elena Stepanian-Rumyantseva. Visual Images in Dostoyevskys Writings


Anna Pogodina. The Roman Report of Pavel Krivtsov (December 30, 1843/January 12, 1844). Source Publication

Konstantin Uchitel. Mikhail Lozinsky: an Unknown Translation of an Opera Libretto


Elena Gribonosova-Grebneva. An Aesthetic Stroll along the Milky Way On the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of Alexei Chernyshevs Literary Journal

Lyudmila Ishunina (Abramova). Rassvet and Tvorchestvo Publishers: The Origins of S.A. Abramovs Educational Work

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