About the Journal

The journal Art Studies explores issues related to the history and theory of art, primarily visual and applied arts and architecture, as well as aesthetics, the philosophy of art and the cultural aspects of art history. The journal has a forty-year history and a rich scientific tradition. It was launched in 1974 by the publishing house Sovetskiy Khudozhnik (‘Soviet Artist’) as an almanac under the title Soviet Art Studies. In 1991 it was renamed Questions of Art Studies and was given its present title in 1997. Since 1993, the periodical has been published by the State Institute for Art Studies. Financial support is provided by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

The journal:

  • publishes original research reflecting the present state of art studies in Russia, as well as abroad;
  • explores latest trends in culture and art, popularizes the best examples of Russian and foreign contemporary and classical art;
  • examines different aspects of the aesthetics of the material world: traditional, folk and contemporary applied arts, history and modern trends of author’s design;
  • reviews official documents, news and events of artistic life of Russia.

The journal appears four times a year (in two issues).

The journal’s main rubrics correspond to the following fields of science (listed after the Nomenclature of scientific specializations according to which academic degrees are awarded):
17.00.04 — Visual and applied arts and architecture
17.00.02 — Musicology
17.00.01 — Theatre
17.00.09 — Theory and history of art
24.00.01 — Theory and history of culture

ISSN 2073-316Ơ

Mass media registration certificate
PI No. FS77-28798 of 22.06.2007.

Subscription Index in the United Catalogue “Russian Press” – 15607.

The periodical is registered in the Russian Index of Scientific Quotations. The periodical’s obligatory copy is delivered to the Russian News Agency (ITAR – TASS).