The decisive factors of the manuscripts’ selection are their compliance with the journal’s profile, actuality and validity of scientific research suggested for publication and adherence to the scientific ethical principles.

All the materials submitted for publication in the journal are reviewed by members of the journal’s editorial staff and editorial council or by invited experts. The reviewers are recognized experts, whose, most recent publications in the relevant field have appeared during the last three years. The reviews are kept in the editorial office for five years.

If the review is negative, the article is not published. Copies of negative reviews or substantiated refusals are sent to authors. The journal’s editorial staff submits the copies of the reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation if the editorial office receives a relevant inquiry.

Materials submitted by post-graduate students and applicants for a degree should be accompanied by a review/recommendation from their dissertation adviser or specialist in relevant scientific field (Doctor of science or PhD.), certified by signature and organization’s seal (in paper and electronic form). The reviewer’s name, scientific degree, position, place of employment (official name of organization, city), contact phone and e-mail should be indicated in the review/recommendation.