2015 ¹1

Theme of the Issue:
All four issues of 2015 are united by one theme “The History of Art: Aspects of Study”, which is determined by one of the most large-scale scientific projects – the publication of “The History of Russian Art” by the State Institute for Art Studies at the Ministry of Culture of Russia in the course of the past fifteen years. This project has been initiated by an acclaimed medievalist A.I.Komech, who headed SIAS from 1994 until his demise in 2007. The issue begins with an interview of N.V.Sipovskaya, Director of the Institute, devoted to the emergence and further development of the concept of “The History of Russian Art”, its key methodological principles and Komech’s contribution to it. Though the articles printed in the sections “History of the Eastern Christian World” and “Architecture and Monumental Art” are not directly linked to this project, their research principles are based on the same methodology (applying an integrated approach to the study of art).