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Buddhist art

Elena Bagrationi von Brandt. Daibutsu Sculptures in Nara and Kamakura Among the Buddhist Colossi of Asia


Pavel Aleshin. Italian period of Pietro Antonio Solari’s oeuvre. Architecture


Sergei Kuznetsov, Anika Kuznetsov. Flora Without Hercules. In Search of the Disappeared Sculptures of the Stroganov Garden


Elena Sharnova. Russian Rembrandts


Nikita Agranovsky. “Enter the Exhibition with Solemnity and Awe. Here You will Find Art”: The Leonardo da Vinci Society and Moscow Artistic Life in the Mid-1900s

Viktor Belozerov. From Tokyo to Moscow: Japanese Exhibitions and Visits of Japanese Artists to the USSR (1925–1935) Appendix. List of Japanese exhibitions and exhibitions with the participation of Japanese artists in the USSR, 1928–1935

Russian Avant-Garde

Ekaterina Ivanova. From MKhK to GINKhUK: An Attempt of the Scientific Institutionalization of the Avant-garde


Danila Liukshin. Between Surrealism and Social Realism: The Articles and the Fate of Sergei Romov. Appendix.Sergei Romov. “On the Performances of the Diaghilev Russian Ballet Company in Paris” (1926)

Elizaveta Miroshnikova. Valentine Gross-Hugo’s Book Graphics: Surrealism and Eroticism

National Style

Vladimir Kalashnikov. “Greco-Roman System Adjusted for National Attributes”: Designing the Architectural Style of Georgia in 1945–1955

Installation Art

Svetlana Makeeva. Reconstructing The Paradise (1972–1975) by Komar and Melamid. The Emergence and Impact of the First Russian Installation

Art and Sience

Vladlena Gromova. “Senses Alert”. Two Lives of One Art Project


Evgenia Shidlovskaya. “Classicism and Classicisms. To the 200th Anniversary of Antonio Canova’s Death (1757–1822)”. IX Conference in the Memory of E. I. Rotenberg (1920–2011). State Institute for Art Studies, Moscow. 13 December 2022.