2019 4


Stylistic analysis

Lev Lifshits. What Stylistic Analysis Lets Us Do?


Oleg Tarasov. Florensky and Reverse Perspective. From the History of a Term


Russian medieval art

Lev Lifshits. Concerning Two Decorative Themes on Russian Medieval Silver Bracelets


Raisa Kirsanova. The Miracle of Luxury, Glitter and Splendour. Russian Fashion of the 1860s1870s

Art criticism

. Vladimir Stasov and Adrian Prakhov: the Strange Combination of the 1870s and the Abramtsevo Circle


Tatiana Yudenkova. Ilya Repin: To Express Oneself Freely. On Some Features of Ilya Repins Creative Method

Graphic design

Elena Klyushina. The History of Illustratition in La Plume


Galina Serova. Natalia Goncharova and the Liturgia Ballet. Iconographic Sources and Cultural Contexts


Nikolai Molok. Anamorphoses of the Readymade: Duchamp, Piranesi and the Post-Work Art



Nina Dmitrieva. A Visit to China. Preface and commentaries by Svetlana Chlenova

Appendix. Nina Dmitrieva. The Bull

Book reviews

Tigran Mkrtychev. The Golden Horde and the Black Sea. Lessons from the Genghisid Empire. Catalogue of the Exhibition at the Hermitage-Kazan Centre. Moscow: Mardjani Foundation, 2019

Maria Orlova. Tatyana Tsarevskaya. Theophanes the Greek. Frescoes in Veliky Novgorod. Veliky Novgorod: Novgorod Museum and Conservation Area, 2018

Raisa Kirsanova. Fashion Pictures from the Collection of the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg. Album-catalogue / Ed. and introduction by Yu.B. Demidenko. St. Petersburg: State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg, 2013

Olga Davydova. Yearbook of the Manuscript Department of the Pushkin House, 2017... Index / T.S. Tsarkova, E.P. Yakovleva, eds.; A.V. Sysoeva, N.V. Semenova, secretaries of the editorial board. St. Petersburg: Dmitry Bulanin, 2018


Natalia Sipovskaya. Classical Art History and the Contemporary Art Process. Round table at the General Assembly of the International Association of Research Institutes in the History of Art (RIHA). State Institute of Art Studies, Moscow, October 21, 2019