2020 ¹¹ 1-2



Ekaterina Andreeva. History of Art in the Era of Energetism. Joffe / Eisenstein


Natalia Zlydneva. Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man: Typology, Semantics, Pragmatics



Ramil Verzagov, Galina Kolganova, Vera Smolenkova. A Silver Bracelet with Poppy-head Finials from the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. Attribution and Analogies

Olga Potokina. Images and Meanings of Metalwork Art of the Migration Period


Alexandra Konshakova. Landscape with a Waterfall by Antoine Watteau in the Context of Landscape Scenery on the French Stage in the Early 18th Century


Ekaterina Gavrilova. The Statues of Osiris-Antinous from the Collection of Count Sheremetev and Egyptian Motifs in Decoration of the Ostankino Palace Theatre


Daria Martynova. Mademoiselle Bécat at the Café des Ambassadeurs by Edgar Degas: the Image of the Hysteric-Epileptic Body


Natalia Shcherbakova. The City is “Other People”. The Image of the City in the Art of James Ensor


Alexei Petukhov. Museums of New Art between the Wars: Searches for Form and Architecture


Artem Dezhurko. The “Contemporary Style” of Interior Décor in Soviet Criticism of the 1960s


Russian avant-garde

Alexei Rodionov. New Findings about the 0,10 Exhibition and its Organizer Ivan Puni

Igor Smekalov, Evgeny Alekseev. Petr Sokolov and Anna Boeva: Practitioners of the “Futurist Revolution”
Appendix 1. Biographical outline
Appendix 2. Memoirs of Anna Boeva

Book reviews

Alessia Cavallaro. Translations and Dialogues: The Reception of Russian Art Abroad / Ed. by Silvia Burini. Salerno: E.C.I. Edizioni Culturali Internazionali, 2019 (Europa Orientalis, Vol. 31)


Ksenia Gusarova. Figures of Speech and Visual Figurations in Early Modern Culture: Transpositions and Permutations. International Colloquium, School of Modern Humanities Research, Russian Academy of the National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow, 24 February 2020