Submission and Publication Rules

The editorial staff and editorial council of the journal Art Studies shall only consider materials submitted for publication meeting the following requirements:

  • The admissible size of an article must be up to 60,000 characters with spaces, including notes and bibliographic lists; for post-graduate students and applicants for a degree – up to 40,000 characters with spaces, including notes and bibliographic lists.
  • The number of illustrations must be agreed with the editorial staff.
  • Tables, graphs or music note texts shall not be published.
  • Texts and illustrations must be submitted by e-mail; they are also accepted on data storage devices.
  • Expert assessments of manuscripts are performed by members of the journal’s editorial council.

An article must be accompanied by:

  • A review and an excerpt from the minutes of a faculty (section, department) meeting recommending the article for publication.
  • A brief annotation and key words of the article (with an English translation) of up to 800 characters with spaces; information about the author with an indication of his or her academic degree, place of employment, position and e-mail address (with an English translation).

Post-graduate students and applicants for a degree must:

  • Indicate the faculty and department of their academic institution or the name of their research institution.
  • Provide a review/recommendation from their dissertation adviser, leading specialist or the referring organization (certified by seal).

Article and illustration submission guidelines:

  • Texts are accepted in the MS Word format.
  • All notes must have consecutive numbering and should be placed at the end of the text.
  • Each article must end with a bibliographic list in alphabetical order. The reference to a quoted source should be in square brackets with the source’s index number in the bibliographic list and the page number (for example, [1, p. 12]). The bibliographic list should conform to the State Standard of 7.05-2008.
  • Font – Times New Roman; font size – 14 (texts), 12 (notes and bibliography); line spacing – 1.5; indent – 1.25 cm.
  • Quotes - «…», quotes in quotations - “…”.
  • Illustrations are accepted in TIFF or JPG formats, resolution 300 dpi.
  • Illustration captions must include the name of the author, title (of the work of art, architectural objet, etc.), year of creation, material (manner), location.

Materials that do not meet these requirements cannot be considered for publication.

No publication fees are charged (this concerns all categories of authors, including post-graduate students). No fees are paid to the author(s).

In accordance with the Russian legislation, non-exclusive rights for the publication of manuscripts are handed by the author(s) over the periodical’s founder and publisher (the State Institute for Art Studies). The authors guarantee that the texts submitted for publication in the periodical are their original texts, which have not been officially handed to other parties for reproduction or other use. The authors are responsible for the content of their texts and for the fact of their publication.

The editorial staff has the right to abridge the articles, to edit them and to send to the authors for revision if necessary.