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Ekaterina Bobrinskaya. Mikhail Larionov: Vision / Imagination


Kirill Korchagin. Between Zen and Conceptualism: “Collective Actions” Group at the Turn of the 1970s and 1980s



Irina Artemieva, Elena Bortnikova. Johann Friedrich Reiffenstein’s Acquisition of Paintings for Catherine II. Part I. Ludovico Carracci and Ippolito Scarsellino

Lyubava Chistova. Gustav Magnus Strandman’s “Collection of Caricatures and Curious Notes”. Early 19th Century English Ephemera at the Hermitage Museum

Elizaveta Vaneyan, Victoria Demenova. Rescued from Re-melting: Metal Buddhist Sculpture from the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts’ Collection
Appendix. Vsevolod Pavlov’s Memorandum to the Director of the State Museum of Fine Arts (1944)

Visual Studies

Nikolai Bayev, Askold Smirnov, Sergei Khachaturov. Frans Snyders’ “Birds Concert”: Ad Hominem

Nikolai Molok In Piranesi’s Head: “The Sleep of Reason” and “The Art of Fantasy”

Tatiana Gnedovskaya. Artist Alexander Konstantinov and Architecture


Ilia Doronchenkov. The Tale of How Ilia Efimovich Quarreled with Sergei Pavlovich. “The International Art Exhibition of ‘The World of Art’ Magazine” (1899) and Its Russian Viewers

Russian Avant-garde

Danila Liukshin. The Never Happened Soviet Surrealist: Kliment Redko



Sophia Aksenova, Natalia Lysenkova, Tatiana Yudenkova. Vladimir Zeeler and Ilia Repin’s Ñorrespondence

Book Reviews

Boris Groys. A Lady and a Car [Review of: Grisha Bruskin. A Raging Rage. Revolution and Counter-revolution in Art. Moscow: New Publishing House, 2021]